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Librarian Theatre is a UK-based theatre company committed to supporting our libraries by creating innovative plays specifically tailored to perform among the bookshelves.

By pioneering outside the traditional stage environment and into local communities, we aim to unite and strengthen these two ever-struggling sectors; inspiring new audiences, and regenerating interest in libraries.

“This could grow into a wonderful initiative. Librarian Theatre’s idea has the potential to meaningfully improve public access to both library services and quality theatre by taking plays out of what can sometimes be forbidding theatre buildings and into the hearts of communities, and at the same time breathing life into the engagement programmes of local libraries. If that means more people across the country discover their creativity through seeing a great play in that context, and are encouraged into greater use of these resources, lives will be enriched and communities cohered.” 

– Barney Norris

Librarian Theatre was established by Joint Artistic Directors & Producers Kelly

Eva-May and Tom Cuthbertson.

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