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Want to join us?

We're now accepting submissions from:

  • Writers

  • Directors

  • Designers

  • Theatre-makers

We work alongside the library sector to produce theatre tours. To date we have produced three Arts Council England funded tours of UK libraries to high acclaim: original adaptations of Shakespeare's Hamlet, Dickens' A Christmas Carol, and Carroll's Alice in Wonderland - currently on tour until 25 February. We are members of the Independent Theatre Council and committed to producing professional work of the highest standard.

We are keen to expand our network further in 2018 and work with enthusiastic emerging talent. If there's a project you're eager to get off the ground, we want to hear from you. This could be:

  • A piece of new writing

  • A new adaptation of a literary classic or folk-tale

  • An established theatre script (classic or modern)

  • A show concept which you're keen to develop with a team

  • You could be at the most initial concept stages of your idea; you might already have a team in place and are just looking for a project partner to bring it to life - or anything in between.

Please bear in mind that, because of our funding structure and the nature of touring libraries, there are certain stylistic limitations on our productions. You should be able to satisfy all (or most) of the following:

  • Small cast (no more than four) - this can include multi-roling, and/or use of puppetry

  • Target running time should be between 50-80 minutes, with no interval

  • Any design concepts (if included) should be compact enough for touring without excessive get-ins/get-outs

Applications can be made either as an individual, or as a pair (e.g. an established partnership between a Director and a Designer). Please tell us, in up to 500 words:

What your big idea is, and

Why we should be excited about it.

It would also be great to hear a bit about who you are, your previous work, and what you hope to gain from working with us.

Please send submissions to before midnight on Friday 9 February. What are you waiting for?

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